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Great Game with American Gypsum in 2014

Jul 13, 2016

       As the same industry, American gypsum is with mature operating models and roughly equal rigor standard, it is the core strength of leading the world gypsum market. In fact, China gypsum owners have realized the shortages on standard, brand, design, channel creation and speaking rights on the public. Although the difference on the gypsum environment, pattern, economy, we hope find the revolution method for China gypsum chain from these differences.

       There is thousands of years for American gypsum, some of countries are using their products. To some extent, the price of American gypsum is the gypsum industry reference standard.

       Since the foundation of our international trade department, SHUANGHUA gypsum products have exporting to more than 40 countries. At first, our customers concentrated in Southeast Asia areas, it is mainly the developing countries. Meanwhile, we also received the gypsum sample products from all parts of the world, and analyzed the sample, improved our products. Until now, we have a stable and long-term relationship with the dealers from Philippine, Australia, Korea, Uruguay and so on. These dealers used to purchase American gypsum. At the beginning, they dubitated SHUANGHUA gypsum, they agreed with our price, but worried about our quality. One dealer from Australia has a lot of big customers in their country, at first, he only need 2KG sample products, after two months testing in the lab, all the product datas and items is higher than American gypsum. This dealer felt confident to our products, the general manager, purchase manager and engineer three persons come to visit our factory, and satisfied with our products and service. A trial order, 6 tons gypsum is placed to us, and these 6 tons products are assigned to 6 factories to middle-test. After one and half months, they called us excitedly, said that the middle-test was very successful. Then the second order is 2 containers. And we establish a long-term business relationship.

      We have more confidence in our products after this Australia cooperation. And have more experience in developing the international market.

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