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Brief introduction and application scope of gypsum

Aug 31, 2016

With the development of economy, the demand for gypsum is not the same, the application of gypsum is more and more extensive, We have a lot of food grade calcium sulfate in our life. we all know that gypsum is calcium sulfate.

First of all we eat there is gypsum food grade, calcium sulfate, food grade gypsum is edible and has a history of thousands of years, food grade calcium sulfate as a curing agent, it is used in canned tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, bean and pepper. Edible gypsum is also used in the production process of sweets, ice cream and other frozen desserts. Gypsum has been everywhere in our lives. Secondly in the feed,calcium sulfate feed grade as a feed additive, in the fertilizer is also widely used.

food grade calcium sulfate

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