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Special food grade calcium sulfate for meat products

Aug 26, 2016

Meat gel special food grade calcium sulfate, as a stabilizer and coagulator, thickening agent, acidity regulator with colloidal mixture can be used in meat, ham, bacon and gel products.

According to the characteristics of meat products industry production and processing, in particular to build food grade calcium sulfate products, there are the following prominent features:

1, the gel strength is higher.

2, higher brightness, good product appearance.

3, higher purity, impurities less: to solve the problem of black spots and radioactive.

4, more sealed: packaging for food grade three layers of paper bags full sealed inside and outside the bag independent packaging, to avoid the problem of calcium sulfate easy to absorb moisture.

5, strict product testing, quality assurance, safety.

calcium sulfate for food has a variety of types, such asCalcium sulfate in tofu,we also provide calcium sulfate feed grade, if you need our products, please contact us.

food grade calcium sulfate

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