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A Brief introduction for Food Grade Calcium Sulfate

Aug 11, 2016

Food Grade Calcium Sulfate in the food industry, it is known as the official name of "food additive calcium sulfate", commonly known as "edible gypsum".

It application in food generally familiar with the Calcium sulfate for tofu, with the development of society, practice strict inspection of safety, non-toxic sulfate as food additive calcium (food gypsum) in food industry is more and more widely used.

The use of Food Grade Calcium Sulfate includes: nutrition agent, yeast activator, dough property modifying agent, used in baking food. Calcium sulphate is also used as an ingredient for sweets, ice cream and other frozen desserts.Calcium sulfate anhydrous is also used in beer brewing, in the malt processing process to add this product as an increase in the content of calcium in water.

Food Grade Calcium Sulfate

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